Sunday, 15 May 2011

Start of a New Era

I figured this would be the perfect thing to start off my blog.

Two years ago I was pretty thin - 60kg / 132lbs - over time the weight just piled on and half of it is because of this stress medication I'm taking. I know, what a cop out lol. I've decided that I've had enough and am trying to lose the weight using various methods: low-calorie (1000 cal), low-carb (15g limit), no sugar, trying to eat more protein and nutritious fruit and veges - low starch/sugar etc. But the aim is to not starve too much - to eat small amounts of food every 3 hours, as well as doing at least 30 minutes at the gym everyday.

Today I was doing pretty well - considering it's the first day (I can only get better!)
2 x wholemeal toast - vegemite on one, PB&J on the other.
1 x coffee
2 x Atkins treat bars
White rice (i know...), with greek yoghurt, tuna and mushrooms.
Diet rite cordial
*Drinking lots of water throughout the day is awesome!

The Atkins bars are really good they have less than 2g carbs per bar, and a max of 150 calories - so it's completely manageable. The bars are so filling - you don't realise until you've actually had one for yourself lol - i replaced lunch with one of those and with water it's enough! Later on, I will post the calories for each meal...

I did 20 mins on the elliptical which equated to 238 calories burned, I also did 3 sets of 15 reps each of the ab machine and weights machine (50lbs for both machines). I'm trying to start off slowly because the last time I started a diet and went to the gym I went all out and absolutely killed my muscles which made me not want to go to the gym for ages.

Anywho, I'm glad that I've started (again). This time I'll have this blog to motivate. Even if nobody reads this I will still feel answerable for my food intake and actions throughout the day.

To everyone or noone: thanks for reading :D I'll leave you with some thinspo...

Violet xo

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