Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh Deary Me...

Ok, so today I planned to pick up my friend at 830 this morning, go to uni from 9-2, gym then more study at home. But what happened? Well, I did pick up my friend at 830 and I did go to uni at 9 but after we went to our tutorial which finished at 11, well my friends and i went to the mall to look for new boots. And spent quite a bit of time there because we missed our lecture and figured why bother? After that we thought about what to do next. We were hungry so we went to KFC (omg) then we went to my other friends' house because they're on holiday and I'm supposed to look after their fish. Afterwards we decided to go for a drive to visit my friend's dad at work and on the way get my nose pierced (I'm impulsive like that lol).
And now here I am, 8pm and sitting at my computer. I've eaten terrible junk food and haven't been to the gym today. AND I still have so much uni work to do :(
The upside today is that this morning when I weighed myself I lost a kilo - yippeee.... but I've probably undone it - so that celebration is short-lived.


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