Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Not the most perfect of days...

Where shall I start? I've had such a busy last few days - that's why I haven't posted anything. The last few days have been so hectic. I've been driving everywhere! I took my friends to the airport on Sunday morning (got up at 5:30 and was there by 7:30!!!) Then I had to work and trying to fit in bits of uni in between going to lectures during the day and seeing my boyfriend last night. Today was a bit better, I just had to drive to uni today and spend from 10:30 to 4:00 there and drove my friend home and was chatting in her driveway for about and hour lol - crazy gal!
Now I'm just wondering what, in the moutain of things to do, should I do first? What takes priority? Well this blog obviously lol... I have to get my Microbiology, Genetics and Physics lab books up to date :( and today I am sure I failed my math test - I hate math. Not really, I like maths I just hate math tests. I get so stressed out I just completely blank as soon as I get in there.
Anywho, weightloss. The good news is that I have been keeping under my limit, and have been going to the gym consistantly. The bad news is that when confronted with disgustingly bad food - i just can't help but eat it. I'm terrible lol
Oh well, it's not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day - I just have to try that itty-bit harder!!


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