Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm such a diappointment

I apologise for not posting for almost a month. I've been too busy failing at life in all aspects.
I only have myself to blame when it comes to failing three (YES THREE!) subjects at uni. Too much socialising and no study = FAIL! This semester will be 100% different. Bums up heads down over here. I will be redefined as a nerd. But, better to be a nerd and succeeding at life than be a loser and funnily enough, a loser in life.

Anywho, I'm also going to start again with my god-damned diet and exercise regime which went belly-up when I started the raw diet lol. Yeh you feel cleaner eating that way but to think that such a major change was going to be an easy transition was just foolish.

I have a myfitnesspal account now, and so I can link it to my ipod and it has a much more reasonable approach to weight loss, I'm at 95 kilos (ahem) - (YES i know....) at the moment and it was suggested by the program that to lose 1 pound a week I follow a diet of no more than 1600 calories and exercise three times a week for thirty minutes or 600 calories burned. I think that it seems very reasonable and although the weightloss results won't be as drastic as we all want it to be, weightloss and especially my target weight will be much more attainable.

I found this girl's tumblr account and found it very inspiring, she used to be quite large and now she's this itty-bitty cutesy.

So that's it from me, at least for now.
Love and Hugs,