Friday, 17 June 2011

Raw food diet...

For the past three days I've been on a raw food vegan diet. It's not really that hard. I came across it while reading a book actually. I eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, drink water and if I want, juice.
So far so good, eating so cleanly makes me feel really clean. I don't feel bloated after a meal and I don't have the compulsion to eat more than I need anymore. I've also been doing yoga in the morning (just 30 minutes) but at least it's something.
I feel really good about myself right now. But I'm also freaking out because I've got exams this week and next. I have my genetics exam tomorrow and I haven't been studying - I feel like I just don't care about it anymore. I want to do something else at uni. But the science field is full of opportunity. I've already done my Maths exam (FAIL!) and Microbiology which will be fine. Genetics I'm worried about and I have Physics next friday but I should be okay with that.
At least I'm feeling good in some aspects of my life at the moment.



  1. There are a lot of career fields with a lot of opportunities. Some pay better than others, but the ones that pay better usually require more schooling and the jobs are harder to get. You might as well study something you care about. I majored in physics for 1 semester and I dropped my physics class before the semester was over (the teacher was horrible at teaching it) and I switched majors to art. Then after that year I quit going. But if I go back I'll probably major in something else. I kind of want to be a nutritionist/dietitian now but I'm sure that will end up changing too. I'm glad to hear the raw food diet is working for you. Stay strong. :)

  2. Thank you Kes! You are completely right, I do love science but there are some aspects of it that I really hate (MATHS!!! and GENETICS!!!). I think I should persevere because I initially loved my subjects but I think now that I'm a second year the subjects are getting more indepth and I just need to find where I fit. I would love to do arts! But I can't really see a career in it unless I'm extraordinary - and I'm not very confident in my self in that respect. I find art to be a very personal thing and would find it hard to have to make things for a class :(
    Being a nutritionist/dietician would be awesome! You would learn so much and I think it would be quite interesting. Good luck with everything you are doing! And thank you for your support :)